Rob Ickes Wechter Scheerhorn

I'm considering getting a Rob Ickes model Wechter Scheerhorn. I've already tried two Wechter Scheerhorns (the 6510F and the 6524F). I liked them very much but I thought I'd get opinions on the Rob Ickes model before buying one of these.

re: Rob Ickes sig reso by Wechter/Scheerhorn...

I had the opportunity to see and hear/play the Rob Ickes signature model Wechter/Scheerhorn resonator guitar yesterday. She is a laminate with post and baffel internal construction...Spruce top with RoseWood back and sides...excellant finish...This is a beautiful sounding as well as beautiful looking instrument. For the price this is probably, far and away, the best "blue collar" resonator guitar on the market...if you are considering a non handmade instrument, in my opinion, you definitely need to check out this model before you committ yourself towards another...respectfully, rez

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