Electro Harmonix Freeze Pedal, Neunaber Stereo Wet Reverb

I've been playing a lot of Weissenborn guitar lately, messing around and trying to dial in my live performance rig. Here's a little ditty that I came up with while experimenting with an Electro Harmonix Freeze pedal, using it as a drone and using a Neunaber Stereo Wet reverb to give me a good ambient tone. I wanted to share this with my friends here. Please give a look/listen and let me know what you think. 




Weissenborn lessons overview

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I recently relaunched my website and I'm now offering downloadable tabs for my tunes and will soon be releasing a series of video lessons for Weissenborn. If you like my music please visit me at www.robanderlik.com for more info. 

Iseman Weissenborn


Just got my Iseman Koa Weissenborn style one with built in Seymor Duncan Mag Mic SA-6 from Hawaii. What a beautiful and nice sounding instrument !

Was looking for a good Koa Weissie for some time but didn't wanted to spend much more than 2.000USD. Then I saw those Iseman instruments on Ebay and checked out some audio/video samples on YouTube. Still found it risky to order one blindly without checking it out by myselves but finally decided to go for one because probably I would never get a chance to play it over here beforehand. Decision was right !! Perfect craftmanship and sound. And the PU system delivers a very good sound as well. Overall very good communication with Iseman company.

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best pickup for Weissenborn?

A number of people here have Weissenborn or related guitars: some original, some modern.  What have been your best pickup experiences with them?  Do people still use magnetic pickups for Weissenborns, or are piezos gaining ground, along with the imaging technologies?  Would Weissenborns need custom Aura images?

I have a Weissenborn without a pickup, and it's a beaut.  I'd like to do it right.

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