Iseman Weissenborns?

Anybody have a review, opinion, or experience with Iseman weissenborns?  Wondering about the tone, size of the instrument, workmanship etc.

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I wrote this song not so long ago and made last weekend a video to this.


Review: Anderwood Big Island LT Weissenborn guitar

Anderwood Big Island Edition Weissenborn guitar

This is a well made, inexpensive instrument that deserves consideration if you want this type of sound and don't want to pay too much money. Price of the guitar reviewed: £259.99 (around $400 USD). Shipping to the USA is $25.00 USD.

My review model was the Big Island LT fitted with a pickup and four band equalizer (volume, bass, middle, treble, presence), powered by a supplied 9v battery (with a built in battery checker - nice touch). It seems to accurately reflect the sound of the guitar across the full range of strings. As with any acoustic amplified instrument, you can get feedback at high volumes. The pickup is well installed - nothing rattles around when you shake the instrument.

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1995 Scheerhorn Spruce/Mahogany R Body Reso - SOLD!!!!


1995 Scheerhorn Spruce Mahogany R-Body reso for sale. Since I've had it, I had Tim put in a new cone, ebonex bridge insert, screenless soundholes and also had him replace the metal baffle inside with the newer plastic baffle. This is a great sounding instrument, and I much prefer the tone of this wood combination to that of the R-body maples. I still have the original metal baffle which also has the sticker with the SN and date of completion on it. $5700 + shipping. Prefer to do the handover in person, but will ship within the US48.





******   Item has been sold  *******

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