Ported Wolfe at Elderly

Ported Walnut Wolfe at Elderly Music.  SN 196 54.  No year given in the ad but fans of Wolfe guitars can probably discern its (notice no apostrophe!!) age.  $2750.  String thru headstock, don't know if that's common to all Wolfe's or just this one.  No soundwell, internal baffle.


Dobros on Ebay

I just posted three Reso guitars on Ebay, they include a T. Taylor, a DeNeve R body, and an older B. Walnut Wolfe  Check em out!

Wolfe Guitars

Bobby Wolfe
18601 Shearer Rd
Davidson, NC 28036




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Bob Wolfe

Wolfe Back Dec 06'

Wolfe Back Dec 06'

my soon to be Bolivian Rosewood Ported Wolfe

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