HillBenders 2011 Tour headed to MO, IL, NY, ME, MA, NH, KY, MI, WV, AZ, and more to come.

Its been a while since i posed much about the HillBenders. We have signed on with Class Act Booking out of Nashiville and they are keeping us busy this summer! 

We are also in the process of putting together the next album, and we have some great new material for it. Hoping to have it done by years end. 

Here is the current list of places you can see us this summer:


July 8 - Off Broadway in St Louis, MO. 

July 9/10 - Bluegrass on the Green in Frankfort, IL (not too far from Chicago)

July 14 - Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival in Oak Hill, NY. 

July 16 - Oneonta Theater in Oneonta, NY

July 20 - Johnny D's in Summerville, MA

July 21 - The Community School in Tamworth, NH

July 22/23 - Ossipee Valley Music Festival in Cornish, ME

July 28 - Dog Bar And Grill in Cuchara, CO

July 29 - Steves Guitars in Carbondale, CO

July 30 - Carbondale Mountain Fair in Carbondale, CO

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Rock On Right

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This one is an istrumental called Rock On Right. Written by me, Arranged by the group. 

Spinning In Circles

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One of the newest tunes the band has worked up. and one of my favorites already.




New Tunes from the Fun Kit on www.GravyBoatJohnson.com

I just uploaded some new tunes to my long neglected myspace page. which is easiest found by following www.gravyboatjohnson.com let me know what y'all think. I put up 8 tracks. I think Stormy Weather is my favorite, Mellisa Henderson's voice is amazing, made the whole project perhaps.

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