YouTube Commenter in need of some Bashing, or Backup. You choose.

I love me some good ole close minded bluegrassers that speak their mind. yall should hop over to the video i linked at the bottom here, and go have fun with this guy. that goes for those who agree, and disagree. and while your at it check out all the videos of the HillBenders at Telluride. so far hes comented on most of them, all something to the negative. the guys wouldnt even approve the comments he posted on some of the band's channel. all to the effect of "newgrass sucks" and that he "hates newgrass as much as pop country" and the like. To each his own, but still. go have fun with this guy.


Meet the HillBenders

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Hillbenders to preform at Grey Fox 2010

whos coming to Grey Fox? Im more than a little excited to get to play there with the 'Benders


the official Chad Graves IBMA report:

Would like to say hey to all the folks I met out at IBMA, and old friends i got to see again. I had an absolute blast this year. I didnt get to sit around and play all the resos like i usually do, as that i was working so hard to push the HillBenders name. which, btw, if all goes like i think it might you may be hearing A LOT more of soon. Laughing

i did get the chance to swing by Bettys Dobro party. had a great time there, as always. Randy K rolled in twards the end and played a version of Dobro Chimes that pretty much melted my face. course about everything he does melts my face.

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