Bluesy Scales, Shapes, & Patterns - In The Key of G - GBDGBD Tuning

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This is a 2 Part Lesson

Here's PART 1

and Here's PART 2

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How to get back down?


As I was working on a song today for the band, I ran across a common problem that I constantly run into.  Let's keep this in G to start out with.  During a break I find myself walking up to the 12th fret to do a lick, but then get stuck there and can't seem to walk back down and make it sound right.  I hate to just walk on the first string back the same way I got there, and usually that walk won't fit into the break that I am doing.  Does anyone else run into this?  What are some common ways to get back down the fretboard next to the nut.  I am especially interested in ways that incorporate more than just first string.

Thanks all


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