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Hey there friends, I hope this finds everyone healthy and happy.  I haven't been to Reso Nation in a bit and figured I'd drop by and post a little bit of what I've been messing with.  This video was actually based on a school project.  I'm a jazz piano student at UNCA right now and have really really been enjoying it.  Part of what I had to do with this tune was include a variety of 'scales' as sources for some of the improvisation...Octatonic (or half-whole), whole tone, Altered and Mixolydian b9 b13, etc.  Sounds kinda fancy if you're unfamiliar with them, but they essentially just highlight the important parts of the melody against what would otherwise be pretty recognizable chords.  I'm working on transferring all the piano ideas to the dobro to try and deepen my connection to idiomatic jazz phrasing.  I kinda love the melodies more than anything...the way they bounce of the harmonies in the chords is really beautiful in this music.

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The April Sessions CD Release ... another track

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The April Sessions CD Release

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Hey y'all, we're releasing this CD in Asheville tonite.  It was recorded a couple years ago and we finally got around to making some pretty grfx and packaging her up.  I hope everyone's getting in some good Spring pickin'.  All the best, B

stacy phillips workshop in Lexington, MA

I'll be giving a dobro workshop on Monday, October 22 from 7-9:30
        at the Music Emporium, 165 Mass. Avenue, Lexington, MA

Participants will have a big say in what is taught, so please send me an email with suggestions of what you'd like covered. 

For details and to sign up please go to the Music Emporium site at:  http://www.themusicemporium.com/events-reader/events/stacy-phillips-dobr...

Please pass the word.

           Stacy Phillips

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