Jimmy Heffernan

Jimmy Heffernan Workshop in Hilton Head S.C. area

Hi Everyone,

Due to a bunch of drop outs from flu etc...the workshop this weekend is cancelled. We try it there another time

Sorry folks


Jimmy's new string website

Hey guys,
Very excited to announce my new string website www.heffernanstrings.com .
It's up and running and I hope that you will consider buying your strings from one of your own (me). We (I) have all the popular Reso sets as well as Guitar and Banjo strings. If I (we) get the interest I'll also stock Mandolin strings as well.
Prices are way better than a local store and right with the big string giants on line.
If you want something you don't see on the site just let me know and I'll see what I (we) can do. Please stop by and have a look around and see if I can hook you up.

I also have a great new lesson on www.jimmyheffernan.com that teaches the much requested "Maiden's Prayer". Take a look at the video and see if you would like to play that for the folks at the big BBQ this weekend.
As always, I thank each and every one of you for your continued support and good will as I move forward with my endeavors beyond the tour buses.

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A Maiden's Prayer

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One of the classics again ! Get the whole lesson at www.jimmyheffernan.com

Playing in Bb Without A Capo

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Two arrangements of common songs to illustrate the cool stuff you can play in Bb. Check out the full lesson at www.jimmyheffernan.com

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