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New Sehy graft walnut reso

I'm not sure if you guys have heard of his guitars yet but Robert Sehy in Medford NY is building one hell of a good reso. I just got my graft English/Claro walnut L body and I am completely blown away by the look, feel and sound of this thing. I just put new strings on my Fishook and MA6 to compare and this guitar blows them both away in the volume department, with a tone that fits the sound I have in my head better than any guitar has yet, and they are both amazing guitars in their own right. Mine is serial #11 and he has a couple of guitars in professional hands already. The price is right too, I don't want to say in an open forum but you lets just say you can get 2-3 of these for what the big names go for. Here are a few photos.

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Thank You!

I'm blatantly appropriating this idea from Greg, Bob and Mark.

The purpose of this thread is to provide some positive vibes that may resonate throughout our community. Let's give thanks to those who deserve it.

Since I'm starting this Love-In, I'm gonna double dip:

I want to thank Brad for this site! What the heck would we do without the RN??

Secondly, I'd like to thank Rob Anderlik. He's a good sport and has provided a great website that's a wealth of information I've scoured for years now.

Ok, so I lied! This is more than 2. Also thanks to Rob Ickes for inspiring me to play and to Tim Scheerhorn for his obvious contributions!

Scheerhorn Wish List Guitar #8

Well, I was driving home from work today when my cell phone rang.  I looked at the number and it was a 615 area code and just then I knew where that call was coming from!  Tim said my guitar was ready!  He originally said it would be ready about the middle of this year (June), but I just had this feeling it was going to be ready in April.  I said I was sure I didn't have to wonder about how it looked, but I was curious about how she sounded.  Tim laughed and said if I didn't want this guitar, he was keeping it!  Yeah, now I'll have a hard time sittin' still until next Sat.  I can't get away this weekend, but I plan to head out early the following Saturday and make the pilgrimage.  Since I got on the list back in 2007 what's 10 more days, right? Laughing

Scheerhorn Wish List Guitars

I was just curious how many RN members are on the WL with Tim. Anybody else due to get one in the near future? After just getting off the phone with Tim, I'm pretty excited to think that mine will be ready in just a few months. He told me he'd already glued the neck together. I told him I was glad he wasn't calling me today to tell me to come and get it because we're snowed in again over here in WNC. Seems like I've spent more time with the snow shovel lately than I've spent with my L-body. Has anyone already take delivery of one of these beauties?

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