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Custom built 6 string lap steel guitar - builder demo


A custom built six string - lap steel guitar. Almost new, completed in July of 2012.
This guitar is cut from solid cherry.

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FYI: Ray Shakeshaft's steel collection for sale in the UK

A range of lap steel and resonator guitars available in the UK. I said I'd pass this on, but I'm not the one to contact for more information. Please see this link:

Hello all,
I'm posting this on behalf of Martin Shakeshaft, the son of Ray Shakeshaft. Just under a year ago Ray was struck down by a stroke, resulting in Ray have to go into 24hr care.
Family & friends had high hopes that Ray would recover enough too start play again, but sadly not so.

The cost of Rays care is high, resulting in the family having to make some tough decisions, hence the sale of Rays lap steel collection.

Martin has taken some pictures of the collection and has an idea of the price he wants. Please follow the link see what's on offer, and contact Martin or Brian WIlkes if interested

Many thanks for looking

Streets of Baltimore by Lone Wonder

3:27 minutes (4.74 MB)


I am a newbie of resonator guitar, and I have recorded a couple of covers that has some resonator guitar on them (open d tuning). But at most songs I play my old lap steel. My resonator is a Wechter Scheerhorn 6510R and the lap steel is an old Oahu Tonemaster. 

You can find more songs at my website:


Philip, Sweden

Looking Forward, Looking Back -- BillyC's new EP with the Moog Lap Steel

Hey there, I know this music is kinda totally out of the ballpark for most 'dobro' music, but I want to offer a free download to the first dozen people who instant message me with an email address. If you like Rock music or Fusion music, send me a message and I'll send a link and download code. 

I've been given the blessing for this by Reso-Nation members that have already downloaded this EP, for which I am grateful.  

Even though you guys/gals aren't the main audience for this kind of music, we're still each other's dobro-family, so I'd love for more of you to hear this stuff!

All the best, Billy

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