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Billy's Moog Lap Steel

Billy Cardine -- "Looking Forward, Looking Back"

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More on the Moog Steel.  This is a little vid made by the folks helping with the marketing of this new recording.  The EP can be found at:

There is no acoustic dobro content!  We decided to call the 'genre' Ameritronica.  If bluegrass dobro is your passion, you may not find anything of interest here, but if you like more adventurous stuff, give it a listen!

Soon to be released is a new recording I made a couple months ago with Acoustic Dobro in a jazz quartet setting.  I'm crankin' em out this year.  I've had so many sounds in my head for a while now and I've been leaving the 'comfort' of my own studio to just do the playing and work with other engineers to do the production work.  A couple more to go in 2011.


Some other YouTube vids up showing different sides of the new Moog instrument...

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The Moog Lap Steel

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Hey guys and gals, not sure how many of you have come across this yet.  In a lucky coincidence, Moog Music has been based in my hometown of Asheville for decades.  Bob Moog is the inventor of the analog synthesizer amongst many other things, including the Theremin, etc.  Thru a live music collaboration involving Cyril lance, senior engineer at Moog, I ended up getting roped into working on the development of this new Moog Lap Steel.  It's been really really fun to work on.  This video is with prototype #2 last year at Moogfest where we told the world we were working on this thing.  I was just beginning to explore the possibilities and am still finding new 'pockets'.  The product has been finished, and I'm now playing a beautiful Walnut/Mahogany version.  I just finished an EP with this instrument as well.  At this point the distribution and marketing is being 'targeted' towards the Synth and Electronic music worlds.

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Junior Brown

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I saw this video this morning. I don't know whether somebody has already posted it. Might be interesting for those who want to play e-guitar and lap steel at the same time.

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