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Bakersfield Lap Steel Guitar, the Buckaroos played by Mike Neer

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Here is my adaptation of Tom Brumley's "Seven Come Eleven", which he recorded with the Buckaroos on the 1967 LP "America's Most Wanted Band."  I adapted Tom's E9 pedal steel parts (which he tuned down 1/2 step) to E9 non-pedal tuning.  This is a lot of fun to play.

I offer a package of tab (Tabledit with notation and MIDI), pdf of tab, video and backing track.  If you're interested in purchasing it, please go to

Pettingill Teardrop Lap Steel

Lap Steel Tunings

Just got a lap steel (long scale) and am wondering if anyone is playing theirs in an open G tuning (GBDGBD)? If so, what string set are you using?


Asher Electro-Hawaiian Jr - SOLD


One year old, very lightly used Asher Electro-Hawaiian Jr lap steel.  Very good +  condition -- I only see one minor blemish, where the finish has rubbed away a bit.  You can see all the info about these guitars at  These guitars are small enough to be great for traveling with, and a light gig bag is included.  I've also posted a short clip at YouTube so you can see and hear the guitar.

Right now these are retailing for $759 list, $675 at Elderly.  A "factory second" on ebay was $540, and with the one minor blemish, I would put this guitar at about that level.  It plays great, sounds great.  Even sounds  pretty good with no amplification at all.    I'm selling for $475, plus shipping.  Let me know if you're interested!

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