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Pettingill Teardrop Lap Steel

Lap Steel Tunings

Just got a lap steel (long scale) and am wondering if anyone is playing theirs in an open G tuning (GBDGBD)? If so, what string set are you using?


Asher Electro-Hawaiian Jr - SOLD


One year old, very lightly used Asher Electro-Hawaiian Jr lap steel.  Very good +  condition -- I only see one minor blemish, where the finish has rubbed away a bit.  You can see all the info about these guitars at  These guitars are small enough to be great for traveling with, and a light gig bag is included.  I've also posted a short clip at YouTube so you can see and hear the guitar.

Right now these are retailing for $759 list, $675 at Elderly.  A "factory second" on ebay was $540, and with the one minor blemish, I would put this guitar at about that level.  It plays great, sounds great.  Even sounds  pretty good with no amplification at all.    I'm selling for $475, plus shipping.  Let me know if you're interested!

Who to look to for inspiration in influence ????

Ok so how do some of the hero's like Jerry D and Rob pick up new licks? I'm guessing by listening to other music like blues and rock? I have been listening to some guitar gods and wondering who some of you listen to? By the way I have been listening to this and can't believe how good this really is!!!   I didn't know if I could post non reso playing on Resonation but I think the word "Resonation' fits here don't you think?  Enjoy!!!

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