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Who to look to for inspiration in influence ????

Ok so how do some of the hero's like Jerry D and Rob pick up new licks? I'm guessing by listening to other music like blues and rock? I have been listening to some guitar gods and wondering who some of you listen to? By the way I have been listening to this and can't believe how good this really is!!!   I didn't know if I could post non reso playing on Resonation but I think the word "Resonation' fits here don't you think?  Enjoy!!!

Anybody know who made this guitar?

I seen yesterday a guitar that Jerry Douglas plays it's a Tele lap steel????  Anybody got a clue who made this guitar? and if so how do I get intouch with em?

1937 Richenbacher B7 for sale/trade


I have an all original pre-war Richenbacher 1937 B7 bakelite lap steel with original case. It has two small chips on the top edge.

It's otherwise in excellent condition. Works perfectly and sounds incredible. I'd like to trade it for a reso and some cash, along the lines of a

Rob Ickes Wechter/Scheerhorn. I would also consider trading it for a Reso and another Lap steel, straight across, depending on

what you are offering. Cash price is $2K shipped. I will send a link to some hi res pictures to those seriously interested.

What tunings does Jerry use on his Lap King Bel Aire?

Can anyone help?

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