One hour to teach dobro? What would you cover?

As I mentioned earlier in the Events section, I'll be leading an introduction to dobro workshop at the San Francisco Free Folk Festival this weekend.

Here's a PDF of the information I'll be covering during my workshop. Any feedback is welcomed. Is this too much information? Are there things I'm leaving out that I should cover in that hour? Are there any incorrect things mentioned, or things you think I should approach differently?

Introduction to Dobro at San Francisco Free Folk Festival


San Francisco Free Folk Festival, Presidio Middle School, 450 30th Ave. in San Francisco, CA

06/13/2010 3:00pm

I will be leading a Introduction to Dobro® workshop this Saturday at the 34th annual San Francisco Free Folk Festival. The festival is on Saturday, June 12th from noon to 11 pm, and Sunday June 13th from noon to 10 pm. My workshop will be held at 3:00 pm. 

If you're in the area, please come check it out, and visit the rest of the festival as well. It looks like it is going to be a fabulous event, with lots of workshops, performers at three stages, a family program, and lots of impromptu jamming and singing. 

The festival will be held at Presidio Middle School, 450 30th Ave. in San Francisco, and food vendors will be available at the festival site. 

You can get full details at the festival’s website http://www.sffolkfest.org , including the full schedule of all workshops and performers.

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Online Lessons w/ Mike Witcher

Hi everyone,

     I got such a great response when I mentioned offering online lessons in a previous post that  I set up my web cam and some paypal buttons and we are good to go.  For more details go to www.mikewitcher.com .

Shoot me an e-mail  at mikewitcher@gmail.com to schedule your lesson today.

Hope to see you online soon!


Playing fast and knowing where to go

I was listening to Aaron McDaris' "Cottonmouth Canoe". I am not sure who is playing dobro but he is playing some pretty fast licks and always seems to be thinking way ahead of where he is. What is he doing and how do you phrase something that fast? Any answers?

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