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Lindamon#16 demo

3:54 minutes (5.35 MB)

This is a demo of Lindamon #16, "Big Red" a quilted sapele guitar. Thanks for listening!

Lindamon #16 "Big Red"

Here are some photos of Lindamon #16, completed earlier in July. This is a quilted sapele guitar stained red, with a satin finish, and I have a matching Martin Gross strap for it. The trim is ebony, with an ebony fretboard, black Gotoh tuners, and powdercaoted metal.

This one is mine, but I have started a new one that I also plan on staining red, but with a gloss finish.

The sound of this guitar is very full and punchy. We are calling it "Big Red"

I will be at ResoSummit. Look me up if you want to play it!

I will also bring the #15 Koa guitar I built.


There is also a soundclip of #16 that should be up soon. 


thanks for looking!









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Lindamon#14 demo 2

2:17 minutes (4.19 MB)

Another demo of Lindamon #14, this one in standard tuning. I thought the low E made the guitar a little more heavy on the low end than it is in real life. I have to say the highs don't sound as good on the recording as they do live, I'm not sure why that is. The guitar really has a piano like feel!

Lindamon #14

I haven't posted here in a while and thought I would show a few pictures of my latest guitar. It is Brazilian rosewood back and sides with a spruce top, curly maple binding, ebony fretboard and headstock veneer, and a curly koa end splice. It has Schaller mini tuners, a Scheerhorn cone, and Beard hardware. It is the second guitar for a previous customer who prefers a more traditional headstock and fretboard shape. The sound is very full, kind of grand piano like in a way. I have a sound file on Soundcloud here:

The song is my attempt at Evening Prayer Blues, and since it is in E, I tried Greg's famous EBDGBD tuning for this! 

If I can figure out how to turn my .wav file into an acceptable size file for this site, I will post it later.

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