Do you deliver your sound to an audience clean or do you add some reverb or some other Sriracha in the mix?

Do you add any "sugar" into your mix? Do you add it to your dobro or do you add it to vocals? I am talking about reverb or some other effect to give your sound more resonance. Of course the more you add, the less clean it gets and possibly more feedback could result. When we perform, we don't – but I have been thinking that it would be a good effect to add some to both instruments and vocals. Not so much that it sounds muddy or like an 80's rock band, but enough to fatten up thins. I am interested in your habits in live performances.

Some live Jerry Douglas on from Chicago - 2016-05-21

Jerry Douglas - 2016/05/21 - Old Town School Of Folk Music - Chicago, IL

This appears to be an audience recording. I'd classify it as very good in audio quality.

No song names are given. Most of the selections are a medley of one or more songs.

It's pretty impressive that he can play a whole concert solo like this and keep it interesting.

Mike Witcher- shows CO & CA

Hi Folks I am playing in Colorado and Northern California this week with Missy Raines and the New Hip.  Come on out to the show!


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