Lollar Pickups

New from Rayco

Check this out! The guys at Rayco Resophonics are at it again! This time it is a semi hollow chambered lap steel with Lollar Gold Foil pickup, blendable with a Fishman Matrix Under Saddle Transducer. Available in 22.5 inch scale length as well as 25. I'm shooting for one with 7 strings..



Orville Johnson demoing Lollar Steel Pickup

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I think there is some steel guitar interest in the ResoNation so I thought I'd throw this video up for your consideration. I'm demoing Jason Lollar's version of the 50s Supro string-thru pickup and it sounds killer. I have an original pickup of this type in one of my Supro steels and I can testify that Jason's recreation sounds just as good if not better. Beautiful clean tone if you roll back the volume and when you crank it- instant David Lindley!

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