Mike Esposito

Reso Gat 2012

I wanted to comment on what a wonderful experience we all had at this years Reso Gathering in Wilkesboro, NC.  starting July 11 -15.  I posted on RH as much detail as I could remember after being totally resofried for 4 solid days.  I met alot of super nice people and the picking, fellowship, fun was first class.  Met Frank Bounds finally and we picked, ate and talked. Great fellow.  Met Pammy Davis the head honcho who is super cool and fun to hang with and she also nominated me to the Reso Gat committee which I was honored to accept.  Met and picked with Mike Esposito who is an absolute monster player both squareneck and roundneck. Met Mr. Tut Taylor, Mr. Russ Hooper, just to mention a few icons as well as picked with friends Lou and Lynn Wamp who are both awesome.

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List of bluesey reso/lapstyle/weissenborn players

Can ya'll help me to expand my list of reso/lapstyle/weissenborn players who play the blues or whose licks/sound might be characterized (at least some of the time) as bluesey?

Here's what I've got so far:

1. Kelly Joe Phelps
2. The Black Ace
3. Oscar "Buddy" Woods
4. Lou Wamp
5. Orville Johnson
6. Rob Ickes

Who else?



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