National Scheerhorn

Nostalgic Scheerhorn thread.

As time has moved along I have noticed a few things and I am curious about your perspectives. I guess the first observation would be that the introduction of the National Scheerhorns was a bit of a buzz kill on the ongoing escalation of prices for the brand. In fact, even though Tim's signed guitars seem to show up a lot less frequently , it seems the price point has softened. Matt Leadbetter's guitar lingered on the "hangout" for quite a while even after showing up on eBay . Interestingly the two Nati-horns that recently showed up here sold fairly quickly even with a healthy number of them being on eBay and Reverb. The pretty hard to find signed rosewood spruce that recently sold here was one of the first signed L bodies that I have seen for sale in about 6 months.

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