new album

new all-Weissenborn album

I have a new, all-Weissenborn album with all original songs and instrumentals. When you get a chance, you should visit my website, On the first page you can see an image of me standing in front of White Rock Lake holding my Tony Francis Weissenborn. I play that guitar on five songs and an original 1927 Weissenborn on the other five. The new album is called White Rock Lake. Other sections include bio, calendar (with album release party info, it’s the gig on 3/17), audio (here you can listen to all of the new CD, even though it’s not actually available to buy until 2/16 at the earliest, also, if you click on the song title you will find comments about each track and lyrics, if any), and blog (a new post about the making of the album). Chirag Gokani plays the bass on six of the songs, and as you can hear, he is incredibly

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