Open D Tuning

Basic major chords for open D dobro beginners -

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Here is a free one for open D dobro beginners. For chord diagrams and backing tracks, visit

Scheerhorns and Open D?


Rather than pile on to the monster National/Scheerhorn thread below, I wanted to ask a very specific question on Scheerhorns, as I am also eyeballing the new National offering.

I play in Open D as my main tuning.  I know it's a tad unusual but it suits the style I play.  I have a GoldTone Beard set up for Open D with strings .018-.022-.030w-.036-.053-.068.  And yes, I do need that beefier low D string in order to keep my alt bass picking crisp on the low end.

The Gold Tone Beard handles this very well, with no issues - in fact the stock nut/bridge slots worked as is.  And the instrument seems to embrace the tuning quite well, with a nice full and rich tone (not bad for a budget axe).

Anyone have experience with Scheerhorns in Open D, and especially using beefier string gauges like the ones I use?

I'd appreciate any commentary.


Uncle Jack

D tuning query

I know a lot of players are fond of D tuning, and I've certainly heard some great stuff done with it. I'm under the impression, though, that D tuning is most often used in the key of D, which is fine for solo pieces but pretty limiting when playing with others. 

So, how useful is this tuning for playing in all the other keys?

I posed this question on another forum but didn't get much response.


Iowa City

Moving From D Tuning to G Tuning - HELP!!!

Okay, here's my pain spilled in public...

After a couple of decades of being essentially a slide guitar player who owned resos - and having never really played a lick of bluegrass - I've finally gotten the bug. As a part of that, I'm moving from D tuning to G tuning. In my mind, it seemed like a snap but a couple of decades of muscle memory have completely slapped me upside the head. Between everything being perpertually one string away from where I want to be - and losing the high string tonic note to anchor everything - I'm at a complete moronic loss. A month ago I could pretty much cover any country, folk or alternative gig or session and now I'm peeing in my pants trying to play Mary Had A Little Lamb.

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