Paolo Ercoli

Paolo Ercoli playing "Pushed too far"

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This is maybe my favourite Jerry Douglas tune. One of the best he made I think.
Now, I recorded it in G, not in Ab like the record, or A, like he use to play now. It's really hard for me to find few hours to sit down with the videocam and so on, but I wanted to do it, especially this song, from a long time now, also because I had someone asking for this tune, so, this is not the better version I can make, but my time free was today, so this is the "afternoon" version. I did it in G also because the one of you who would like to learn it can maybe understand better the position in G instead than A, and figure it out better.
I wanted to do other videos for you, especially also with my Koa one, so now let's see when I will have time again to do it, hope soon.
This version It also "sound strange" because there is only the resonator, not some guitar to help or bass or other things, so, I know it seems "poor" , but I hope you like it anyway.

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Hi everybody. not a real "discussion" thread. It's just that once in a lifetime I can see and meet a dobro player here in my Country, and in between 9 hours I will go and see Josh Swift playing with Doyle Lawson and his Band, so hopefully I can spend some time with him later on. This is a unique moment for me this year, so I am so happy that I wanted to tell you Smile

Well, yes, you would probably think "what about Doyle Lawson?" . Yes sure, this thread should be intitled to both, as I will see this wonderful legend of bluegrass music too, but as we are on reso-site, lets talk about Josh for a moment  :-)

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Paolo Ercoli - I wanna go back to my little grass shack

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After listening to the Orville's nice one "I wonder where my hula girl has gone" I remembered that I also have recorded an hawaian song kinda like that one. On this one there is also a nice ukulele played by Max de Bernardi (check him out on you tube, he is a Great guitar player) , and some nice vocals too. Also on this one I play the koa Fishook (what better than a koa, on a hawaian song..) :-)

Nobody knows but me - Paolo Ercoli on resonator guitar

2:31 minutes (2.94 MB)

This is another project, another cd for which I was asked to play. This is Veronica and the Red Wine Serenaders, a great acoustic Band. I had fun in puttin' some kind of bluesy feeling in it. Hope you like it. Here I'm playing the Koa Fishook.

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