Paolo Ercoli

Paolo Ercoli - Scheerhorn

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I did this because I have friends from facebook, but also at Resosummit, asked me to explain the difference between the sound of my 3 resonator that I have, especially the koa one. Anyway I began with the maple Scheerhorn (after the great set up made from Tim when I was with him 10 days ago). I think next week I'll be able to do a song with the koa Fishook, and then another one with the mahogany Meredith. I need time to do it between work and family, so I may be slow  :-)

The song here is Last polar Bear, a really nice one from Rob Ickes's cd Slide City.

I miss all my resopeople friends that I've made there. That was great, thanks so much. Hope to see you again.


Paolo Ercoli - 2 minutes of fun playing Andy Hall and Greg Booth's stuff

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Just a couple of fun minutes playing small example of "Resurrection Bay" by Andy Hall, and "Monobrow" by Greg Booth, that you find in the Kathy Kallick Band's cd.
Greg showed me the beginning of this song when we met in a Bluegrass Festival here in Europe, and it's always fun playing it.
I've used the end of the Greg's original tune just to close my video, as I like it a lot. Thanks Greg, HOPE it doesn't bother you.

And Andy, too, for inspiration.

Paolo Ercoli playing Greg Booth' Scheerhorn

Greg Booth-Dobro meeting at EWOB Festival in Netherlands

Hi, just a quick line to say Thanks to Greg Booth for jammin with me at the Festival and have fun together and having pizza together  :-)

Was great to share our Meredith and Scheerhorn, and play all those nice songs. Greg is a nice and great one. Hope to have the possibility to meet him again.

I never have the chance to meet with American dobro players, so I've enjoied that sooooo much.

Thanks also to the GREAT fiddle player Annie Staninec for sharing some fiddle tunes with me.



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