Paul Beard

Andy Hall's new guitar from Paul Beard

Just when you thought there was nothing new happening.

Second passive cone installed for sympathetic "sparkle".

Carry on.


Mike Auldridge & Three Bells Featured in Acoustic Guitar

I shared the following on Jerry's forum:


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Props to Paul Beard

I just posted this on Resohangout and wanted to spread the word here too. I want to publicly thank Paul Beard for his awesome service and for saving my bacon. I am the proud owner of the Sheerhorn/National Rob Ickes prototype, which is a great guitar. I played Merlefest last weekend and really wanted to bring it with me but the guitar was a little too bright for my needs, so I decided to try the Legend cone and a 14 spider to warm it up a little. I called Paul the week before I had to go to Merlefest and he said to ship it up to him and he'd turn it right around so I'd have it in time. Paul spent a lot of time on the phone with me before getting the guitar and after he got it so that he would get the setup that I wanted. I also needed the nut lowered a little for my capo.  Long story short, I got the guitar back in time and it is amazing.

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