I seem to have trouble tuning with this app lately. Playing my Scheerhorn and not plugging my iphone in it seems to have a hard time giving me accurate tuning. I have tried the noise filter and turning the boost on and off. Anyone else using this app with their reso and having a better experience? I also own the Peterson clipon but like to use the Iphone sometimes. Thanks for any advice.

Tuners and Capos

I hope I'm not alone on this.....further, I hope someone has found the solution.  I have a number of clip-on tuners, but mainly I've used the Korg AW-2, and once I got the Peterson Strobo Clip, that one pretty much exclusively.  When I don't have a capo on, no problem.  I've learned that a softer touch is better. Side of my thumb, pinky, best of all, no picks.  Also, I always mute the "sister" string.  If I'm tuning my low G, I mute the high G to avoid sympathetic resonance (or whatever it's called!).  Here's the problem.....  When I put my capo on, the needle flip-flops like an election year politician! I typically use a Bradley and occasionally a Walworth.  I suspect this is due to the fact that the capo is "floating".  Maybe this would not be so pronounced with a Shubb or Gross capo.  I don't know.  I also have similar problems with my Sonic Research Turbo Tune pedal.

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Peterson StroboClip Tuner - HillBenders at IBMA

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If you guys haven't tried one of these tuners yet, you need to. I LOVE mine. two different tuning presets for dobro. 

Peterson Tuner App for iPhone 4

I just put the Peterson Tuner app on my iPhone 4 and it is slick.  No "sweeteners" but slick just the sameCoolSmile.  Peterson has just marketed a jack for electric instruments, too.  Ain't technology grand, endless ways to spend, spend, spendTongue out.  I really needed that app to go with the Strobo-Flip, Strobo-Clip and the Strobo-SoftMoney mouthWink read more »

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