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lay offs

Man I just picked up my Reso for the first time in a month tonite, did'nt realize how rusty I had gotten.  I know we all go thru ruts,but, that was the longest one I can remeber going thru.  Anyone else experience this?   Phil

My new sapele mastereso

So I made the 4.5 hour drive to Macon yesterday to pick up my new Sapele Mastereso, as me and Phil agreed not to put another dobro in the hands of a shipping company. The reason this dobro was built in the first place is because I purchased a used curly maple model from Phil a while back and someone brutalized it in shipping. I received the maple with a cracked baffle, detached soundposts, and was naturally upset (They also smashed the scheerhorn cone i sent him out of the maple guitar). Phil went above and beyond the call of duty and instead of fixing the maple guitar, he offered to just build me a new one (at no extra charge). So my misfortune turned into great fortune because of Phil's generosity and his desire to make sure I was happy. And boy am I, my new guitar is loud, punchy, throaty and I gigged with it last night through the Aura system and it sounded pristine. Phil did an excellent job on the build and I couldn't be happier.

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