Preamp for Sunrise s2 pickup?

I recently was able to purchase a Lazy River Weissenborn with an uninstalled Sunrise S2 pickup as a throw in. I know these are passive but I'm wondering if a preamp will be necessary and if these pickups are feedback prone. Haven't got the drill, forstner bit and soldering iron out yet or I would get the answer myself.

best pickup for Weissenborn?

A number of people here have Weissenborn or related guitars: some original, some modern.  What have been your best pickup experiences with them?  Do people still use magnetic pickups for Weissenborns, or are piezos gaining ground, along with the imaging technologies?  Would Weissenborns need custom Aura images?

I have a Weissenborn without a pickup, and it's a beaut.  I'd like to do it right.

Pickups (again)

I just had a Highlander Pickup put in my '28 National Tri-cone Squareneck - testimonials from Joe Savage (up here in Minneapolis) and others led me to the conclusion that for a tri-cone it is the way to go - will be picking it up tomorrow

Anyone use the Highlander in their single cone dobro's? I know nearly everyone jumped to the Fishman, and I have one in my "beater" dobro (a Beard GoldTone) - but I really do not want to put one in my Beard Mahagony R-Body...right now I have a Schertler Basik in the Beard - its OK but not great, and a long time ago I tried a McIntyre and hated it - so wondering if anyone uses the Highlander?



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