About preamps (Fishman JD Aura and Tonebone PZ-Pre)

Like many folks who play with a pickup, I have a Fishman and a JD Aura Imaging pedal. I run mine through a few other things, and then out through a Radial JDI.  It seems to work fine, and the simplicity of the passive DI is convenient.  I notice a lot of people here like the Tonebone PZ-Pre, which is also by Radial, and I must say it looks nice and fancy.  I can see that the EQ would be great to have, along with the two inputs, separate monitor and main XLR out, effects loop, and notch filter.  But the JD Aura already has something of a pre-amp.  Even if the pre-amp in the PZ-Pre is better, do you use it much?  Do you:

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Chargers for Mi-Si Battery-free Internal Preamps


The Mi-Si rechargeable battery-free preamps sold by AMT include an AC charging adapter, which can be plugged into an AC outlet and connected to the preamp's output jack for 60 seconds to fully recharge its on-board SuperCap power supply -- providing up to 16 hours of playing time before needing to recharge.


Mi-Si Preamp AC Charger



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Custom AMT Mi-Si Preamp for Fishman Pickup

Now available only from AMT is a rechargeable batteryfree Mi-Si preamp that's been specially modified to obtain improved sound from Fishman's passive Nashville bridge insert reso pickup.  This unique charge amplifier preamp design substantially reduces the pickup's non-linear distortion and provides an active, buffered output which minimizes effects of cable capacitance while also providing better signal level matching between the pickup and Aura pedal.


Remote-Controlled Internal Preamp from AMT

AMT announces June 2010 availability of an innovative new internally-mounted acoustic instrument preamp featuring 4-band EQ, volume and phase adjustable via a wireless remote control.  Although intended primarily for use with AMT's Aura-compatible "Single Element" reso pickup, this preamp can also be adapted for use with most other acoustic instrument pickups... including Fishman's popular Nashville-series reso bridge insert pickup.  In addition to remote control, it also features a rechargeable, battery-free power source and custom piezo linearization for reduced distortion and improved sound quality from piezoelectric pickups.

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