Pedalboard Pre-Amp/DIs' Pros and Cons

I'm putting together a small pedalboard and can use some input on preamps/DIs...

I know that the Radial PZ-Pre has gotten good reviews here but then I have also read a lot of comments from folks who don't like its sound. So, what are you all using and what has your experience been?

I'm using the Fishman Nashville pickup and JD Aura pedal and don't need to to have a rig where I can use more than one instrument. What I do need is for it to play well with effects pedals and, ideally, have both a pre and post effects low Z send. A dedicated tuner out would also be helpful. Most important to me, though, will be the combination of sound quality and durability.

Who's got ideas?

About preamps (Fishman JD Aura and Tonebone PZ-Pre)

Like many folks who play with a pickup, I have a Fishman and a JD Aura Imaging pedal. I run mine through a few other things, and then out through a Radial JDI.  It seems to work fine, and the simplicity of the passive DI is convenient.  I notice a lot of people here like the Tonebone PZ-Pre, which is also by Radial, and I must say it looks nice and fancy.  I can see that the EQ would be great to have, along with the two inputs, separate monitor and main XLR out, effects loop, and notch filter.  But the JD Aura already has something of a pre-amp.  Even if the pre-amp in the PZ-Pre is better, do you use it much?  Do you:

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Radial J48 Active DI Box $140 shipped


Paypal only

Used 2 times. Have too many DIs and need to slim down. Original box and packaging. 
J48 phantom powered active J-Class direct box. 
No trades. 
Ultra low distortion of all types 
Exceptional headroom & dynamic range 
Retains instrument's natural sound 
The perfect DI for bass & acoustic guitar 
Powered by 48V phantom 

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Radial PZ-Pre

I'm selling a like new Radial PZ-Pre, which Radial describes as follows:

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