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Andy Hall and the Infamous Stringdusters in NorCal

The 'Dusters with "professor" Hall played in Chico last night at Sierra Nevada. A little nicer venue than the Station Inn in Nashville where the ResoSummit concerts were held. Superb, as you can imagine. :D 8) Wore my ResoSummit t-shirt and even the bass player recognized it. Apologized for his "dobro jokes". Tain't nuthin funny about a dobro. Just fun. :wink:

Andy said they are playing tonight at the Palms in Winters, and then in Berkely. Do yourselves a favor and buy a bunch of tickets and take your family and friends. You won't be disappointed. :wink:

Gimme A Break: 002 - Dream You Back

**The intent of this column is to aid in learning a particular segment of a referenced piece of music. All media in this and all posts in this series are strictly for educational use. Do not duplicate this material in any way.**

Perhaps the most requested break for this column is Andy Hall's break on 'Dream You Back' with The Infamous Stringdusters. This break is a great example of Andy's fluid style and his mastery of driving rolls and syncopated rhythm.

The tune is rather briskly in the key of B (capo on the fourth) and is in 4/4 time. Here's the break...

right click here (save as) to download

and again @ 75%...

right click here (save as) to download

Here's how the break sounds to me:

& @ 75.. err a... 50% ;) ...

Here's the tab (standard disclaimers - maybe Andy will chime in here if corrections are needed):

Dream You Back - Tablature

Dream You Back - Tablature

Dream You Back - Tablature

Dream You Back - Tablature

The intro sets the mood for the entire piece. Andy can integrate a reverse roll very seamlessly, and with razor sharp timing it fills any downtime with plenty of push.

Sorry it's been so long since our last break... up next will be Randy Kohrs!


Stringdusters Awarded @ IBMA

The Infamous Stringdusters, featuring monster resoist and reso-nation member Andy Hall received two very deserved awards at this years IBMA awards ceremony in Nashville, TN.

The 'Dusters  pulled in 'Song of The Year' with the title track to their Sugar Hill debut Fork In The Road.  I highly reccommend this project for bluegrass enthusiasts in general and reso enthusiasts in particular.

Joining the likes of some of the biggest bands in bluegrass, the 'Dusters also received the nod for 'Emerging Artist of The Year.'  Former winners include The Grascals, King Wilkie, Nickel Creek, Mountain Heart and Blue Highway.

We're really proud to see Andy and the boys earn recognition for their work.  I'm sure this is the first of many IBMA trophys for the 'Dusters mantle.

By the way, seeing Andy Hall's name in the 'Dobro Player of The Year' nominee list would have been entirely appropriate.

Grey Fox Festival

Any reso-nation players going there this week/weekend?


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