Andy Hall

Jerry Douglas, Andy Hall at ResoSummit 2013

ResoSummit is happy to announce two additions to this year's Summit.  

Jerry Douglas will be performing the opening show at the Station Inn, in a duo performance with Rob Ickes. (Schedule permitting, he'll also come by ResoSummit on Friday, but we can't confirm that at this time.)

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Meredith "Andy Hall" model FS on eBay

For anyone that may be interested BIN or BO:


0039 - NEW CD

Hi everybody,

For your fun, I hope, and to let you know, under the audio section I've put a song that I've played with Andy Hall, that is included in our new cd just came out today.

Thanks for listening.

Talk to you later.



3:02 minutes (3.47 MB)

Hi everybody,

one hour ago I got in my hand our new cd, just wanted to share one song with you. On this there is Andy Hall playin with me, and the Band of course, we split the solos. I think you'll understand when is Andy playing and when is me :-) . Is a song that he gave to me as he didn't use it, and that instead I 've used :) , and he's been also so kind to play it with me.

Now I have to rush because I have to go playing in a Bluegrass Festival in the Netherlands, at Ewob Festival, I'll be bach sunday night.

Ciao, thanks for listening.

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