Andy Hall

Dead Cedar Waltz - Andy Hall - "Artist Series Lesson"

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This is one of my favorite Andy Hall tunes. It's from his album "Red Wing".

I have to say after recording this one, that it's my new belief that slow songs are harder to play than fast songs!!



Andy Hall's "Last Chance Getaway" - Lessons With Troy Artist Series

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I'm really excited to have a new section on my site, called my "Artist Series" Lessons. The first artist I'm working with is Andy Hall. I'll be teaching several of his great instrumentals! This tune is off his debut album "Red Wing". It's in the Key of A, capo 2nd Fret, but for the sake of the lesson I teach it in G. Thanks! Hope you enjoy it. Look for more Andy Hall tunes in the near future!!

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Stringdusters / Andy Hall

Caught the Dusters' last night in Ann Arbor at the Ark.  Great show.

Andy was in top form...really good stuff.  He can take the dobro to some pretty amazing places with his solos.

Also made me really want a Meredith...I'll have to keep saving my pennies :)


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