Billy Cardine

Sara Watkins Album

I realize this album doesn't have much dobro on it, but it's still well worth the money! It's really exciting to see Sara out on her own and demonstrating her wonderful songwriting abilities. This album is also jam packed with some amazing musicians. Oh, and by the way, Billy Cardine and Michael Witcher do a great job on the two songs that DO have a dobro.Laughing

2009 IBMA Ballots

 To all IBMA members, the ballots for this year’s awards will be mailed later this month, when voting  please  vote for “Hornography” for “Recorded event of the year” and “Instrumental Album of the year. The recording features various instruments built by Tim Scheerhorn and played by the following, Tim Scheerhorn, Randy Kohrs, Rob Ickes, Jimmy Ross, Justin Moses, Andy Hall, Mike Witcher, Lee Hiers, Todd Livingston, Lou Wamp, Sally Van Meter, Jack Ferguson, Billy Cardine, Scott Vestal, Bruce Bouton, Kevin Gaugier,  Shannon Hayes & Billy Cardine. And with an all star supporting cast.


Thanks, Jimmy.....................




Billy Cardine in "No Capo for Andy"

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This reminded quite a bit of the cool vibe Jerry and Bela had going on in the Strength in Numbers project. Thought I'd post this gem in case anybody missed it! Looks like a good time was had by all!

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