Cindy Cashdollar

What did you learn at ResoSummit?

Was wondering what kind of new and interesting things you brought back from ResoSummit.  Would love to hear about techniques, hints, inspiration, things to work on, etc. that you gained from your trip to Nashville.

Dave Alvin and the Guilty Women

This is an amazing folksy album with country, swing, and bluesy tunes, soulfully performed and featuring CINDY CASHDOLLAR on slides! I'm lovin' it!!!

Swingin' on the dobro

I recently picked up The Resocasters CD from Jimmy Heffernan. Man, what a fantastic CD! It's all I want to listen to lately. This CD, plus a really eye-opening workshop with Jimmy (who is a stellar teacher and monster player, BTW) has gotten me interested in learning how to play swing tunes on the 6 string dobro. Can anyone recommend any good learning resources for this genre? Has anyone tried Cindy Cashdollar's Dobro Variations and what did you think of it? Are there any other DVDs or books available that cover swing and jazz reso-styles?

Old Settlers Festival

Anybody goin' to Old Settlers next weekend? We're not having a reso workshop this year, but there'll be a few reso players on the bill.

Rob Ickes and Blue Highway play on Friday, April 17. On Saturday the 18th, Cindy Cashdollar is playing with Dave Alvin, and Megan Lovell plays with the Lovell Sisters. I'm playing with Lone Star Swing on Saturday, also.

I'll be pickin' in the campground most of the week - look for the yellow sign that says, "The Bold and the Beautiful".


East Snook, TX

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