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New Kathy Kallick Band CD, "Time"

I just returned from California where we played 8 concerts to officially release Kathy's new cd, Time. We had a blast and I'm still getting used to being back to snow and cold. Buddy misses all the walks but especially the California squirrels. I'm pretty proud of it and proud to be a part of this great band. Here is a link to Kathy's website where you can hear clips from all 14 songs, and a link to CD Baby. BTW, That's me at age 8 with the Wildroot in my hair! Anybody remember that stuff?


To Know Him Is To Love Him

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I was checking out the cool Weissenborn playing on a video of a song by The Trio, Emmylou, Dolly and Linda and the song got stuck in my head. I started messing around with it and found that it works pretty well on dobro in the key of C. No way is my arrangement as pretty as those 3 ladies! It's a pretty song though and I tried to keep it simple. Tuning is EBDGBD.

Here is the link for iphone, pad.

A comparison of 4 capos

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I've been wanting to do this for awhile, and the recent additions to old capo topic led me to go ahead. I have 4 dobro capos, The newest Shubb C6B, Martin Gross, Scheerhorn and the older Scheerhorn/Flux. I wish I had had more like the Beard Wave or the Bradley etc to try as well, maybe there will be a round 2. It seems like we grab our capos the most often to play a fast fiddle tune or bluegrass number in A or B so here I'm playing some banjo roll style stuff that hammers the open (capoed) strings. I probably should have grabbed my better mics and recording gear but instead I just went the fast and easier route with the raw unedited video camera....mistakes and all!

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Dobro workshops in the northwest US and southwestern British Columbia with Greg Booth and Tab Tabscott

The annual British Columbia Bluegrass Workshop in Sorrento, BC., has changed hands and is now called "NimbleFingers", run by Craig Korth.

This summer in late August, Greg Booth and Bob Hamilton will teach week 1 on the dobro, and the following week Tim Tweedale and yours truly will hold the ball for week two of the dobro workshops.

Here's a link to the website...this is an affordable alternative to flying/driving all over creation for some good bluegrass fun...


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