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Fans of Greg Booth out there ? I am  :-)

In this show Greg is playing my Meredith reso.

I've spent this weekend with him (got the pleasure to meet his wife too ! ) and the Kathy Kallick Band, so in this 10 minutes video you can check some nice playing of Greg, with resonator and banjo too. Just thought that you might like it. Anyway the Band is Great. Take a look at Annie, the fiddler. My friend, mandolin player, Martino Coppo joined them for a couple of songs, check him out too.

BCBW music camp, y'all come!

Resofriends and fiends: There is still room in the BCBW dobro classes where I'll be

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The Sound You Hear In Your Head

In the for sale thread for the 2004 maple 'horn, Greg Booth expressed the sentiment that his favorite period of JerryD in terms of sound was the "Scheerhorn Era."

This got me to thinking of my personal holy grail search (within certain budgetary parameters) for a new special flattop, and why I have settled on a Martin from their Custom Shop. There are obviously all kinds of great "regular" acoustic guitars out there, from larger companies, to smaller "boutique" operations along the lines of Collings, Huss & Dalton, or Bourgeois and the many one man (or woman) luthier operations.

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British Columbia Bluegrass Workshop

HI everyone... long time no see!

I wanted to let everyone know about the wonderful British Columbia Bluegrass Workshop event held in Sorrento British Columbia late August/early September.

This years' dobro seminar leaders include Greg Booth !!!! on reso week one (I'm safely ensconced as a flatpicking guitar seminar leader that week!), and I'll be on the dobro week two.

Our favorite Ivan Rosenberg will be leading dobro seminars both weeks!

The workshop is located in one of the most beautiful places I've been... and the folks up there are wonderful. I especially like the strong old-time and Irish music influences on the Canadian bluegrass scene.

more info here:

Highly recommended!

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