Greg Booth

Steel Guitar Rag: Buddy Charleton, Leon Rhodes and the Texas Troubadours

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Steel guitar legend Buddy Charleton passed away this week. His playing inspired thousands of steel players including myself. I believe it was his version of Panhandle Rag I was hearing in my head that led to my dobrolic version. Buddy was a member of Ernest Tubb's Texas Troubadours and appeared on a number of Tubb's Decca albums in the 60's. Among these were some great country jazz instrumental albums that featured Buddy and the great Leon Rhodes on guitar. At the ResoSummit I was surprised to learn many in our reso community had never heard this recording. I assembled this video so everybody can check it out. When I first heard this recording 30 some years ago as a wannabe pedal steeler it knocked me out, and still does! After many miles touring with the Troubadours Mr Charleton had a long career as a teacher and mentor, and by many heartfelt accounts was very inspiring and encouraging. I'm sorry I never took the opportunity to study with him, being so far away.

Xtreme Alaskan Sledding with a rockin' dobro soundtrack!

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I edited this highlight reel of my son and his sledding pals from 1996, one of whom is the groom in the recent frozen pond wedding. Some may remember the dobro from the Happy Birthday RN video I put up on this site's 5th birthday. I remixed the dobro track and added some drums......pretty entertaining I think! Pardon their yelling....they are teenagers after all!

Alaskan frozen pond wedding w live Booth family music....brrrrr!

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My son's life long neighborhood pal got married just before New Years and asked us to play some music. Held on our neighborhood frozen pond, the whole production was conceived and enacted in 2 short weeks. The music you hear is all live, no mikes and played outside in the dark w candles at about 10 degrees. I played the RG Leadbetter for this gig. My son was a great sport for singing "I Will" in the girl's key I play it in! During the fireworks we are playing "Born to Be With You" which you can barely hear in the background. The tune at the very end was the groom's request for the first dance in the heated tent, "Hold You In My Arms" by Ray LaMontagne. Hours of music and refreshments followed. We do things a little different in Alaska!

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

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Here is my 2010 video Christmas card from Alaska to all my friends on Resonation! This is a new arrangement of a song I worked up a while ago but had never put on video. I included a slideshow of pics from the year, some band pics, some Alaska outdoors, and some family pics. It was a great year and I owe a lot to the instrument we love. Merry Christmas!Smile

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