Greg Booth

Paolo Ercoli playing Greg Booth' Scheerhorn

Greg Booth-Dobro meeting at EWOB Festival in Netherlands

Hi, just a quick line to say Thanks to Greg Booth for jammin with me at the Festival and have fun together and having pizza together  :-)

Was great to share our Meredith and Scheerhorn, and play all those nice songs. Greg is a nice and great one. Hope to have the possibility to meet him again.

I never have the chance to meet with American dobro players, so I've enjoied that sooooo much.

Thanks also to the GREAT fiddle player Annie Staninec for sharing some fiddle tunes with me.



Sheebeg and Sheemore

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Here is yet another version of the popular celtic harp tune written by Turlough O'Carolan around 1691. Once again I'm using my EBDGBD tuning and playing in the key of A. I think I like Rene's (and Pete Grant's) approach in D better with all those low roots in the tuning, but thought I'd throw this out there anyway. I'm not sure why I keep having problems with the youtube audio quality at standard definition...if you look at it in HD or high quality it's better. Here is the audio file: Sheebeg & Sheemore It's recorded with a KM184 and the Cascade Fathead II ribbon mic using the mid/side stereo technique for a big sound. Please excuse the errant bar rattles and flubs, since I got a decent take on the 2nd try I said that's close enough.Wink 

Sheebeg & Sheemore

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This afternoon I listened to my old version of Sheebeg & Sheemore and tried to play it again. I found it to slow and I played around with it a bit faster and put some new elements in it. I used my old Italian Fratelli Indelicato guitar. The sound is a bit sloppy. Can't get the HD quality yet.

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