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Recording The Earls of Leicester

I just listened to The Earls of Leicester last night and loved it.  When I orderd my copy from Amazon, I got to download MP3s, so I'm still waiting for the actual CD (unfortunately, The Three Bells didn't come with the Auto-Rip option).  Anyway, the digital booklet had lots of pictures of the guys in what appears to be a studio, which I assume is Ocean Way Nashville,  Studio A, and it matches one of the videos I've seen, which shows a very unusual setup for recording, with the musicians all in a line with a variety of great looking microphones, including what looks like some vintage Neumanns and/or Telefunkens (I'm not that well-versed) and an AEA copy of an RCA ribbon mic (on the banjo).  I also see what looks like a boom mic, presumably from the video recording.  So my question is this: does anyone know if this is the actual configuration they used to record, or was this just for show for the video?  I found the following in an article: "With Douglas producing, the musicians

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Rob and Jerry on NPR weekend Edition Saturday

For you early birds, I just saw Rob's post about it on Facebook, not sure what time but be sure to tune in.

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