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Bluegrass Today Article on the Upcoming "Three Bells" Recording (Auldridge, Douglas, Ickes)

John Lawless just put up an article on the Bluegrass Today website about the forthcoming "Three Bells" release, (September 16). Some quotes from Jerry and Rob are included.

This will be the dobro recorded event of the year!


Jerry Douglas on Acoustic Interlude at 30-A using D tuning

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In case you have never heard of this guy....(YEAH RIGHT)

Dobro and lap steel legend Jerry Douglas joins John Macdonell on Acoustic Interlude at the 2014 30-A Songwriters Festival.

Scheerhorns and Open D?


Rather than pile on to the monster National/Scheerhorn thread below, I wanted to ask a very specific question on Scheerhorns, as I am also eyeballing the new National offering.

I play in Open D as my main tuning.  I know it's a tad unusual but it suits the style I play.  I have a GoldTone Beard set up for Open D with strings .018-.022-.030w-.036-.053-.068.  And yes, I do need that beefier low D string in order to keep my alt bass picking crisp on the low end.

The Gold Tone Beard handles this very well, with no issues - in fact the stock nut/bridge slots worked as is.  And the instrument seems to embrace the tuning quite well, with a nice full and rich tone (not bad for a budget axe).

Anyone have experience with Scheerhorns in Open D, and especially using beefier string gauges like the ones I use?

I'd appreciate any commentary.


Uncle Jack

New Old Dobro "Coffee Table" Book by Steve Toth

Was on the JDBB awhile ago and Jerry started a thread about a new book coming out from Steve Toth. Looks and sounds great! Jerry wrote the foreward,  his comments are below from the JDBB. here is a link to the Centerstream website, I have several of their books, all very good:

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