Jerry Douglas

Wires & Wood

Anyone know who plays dobro on that album by UPS man Jonny Staats. I got it off of ITunes, and the credits aren't very detailed. It's a few years old. I bought it because there's some great guitar flatpicking, only to discover there's also some terrific dobro playing.

Jerry Douglas - The Best Kept Secret

My copy arrived from today - right on time. As Jerry stated in a recent interview, the CD is different that anything he's put out. I'm really emjoying listening to it. Of course the playing is killer. Lots of different sounds between the dobros and lap steels played. Plus lots of great cameos. Run out and get it if you haven't ordered it already.

Great cd

Just received the cd "Melonie Cannon". Great cd and has a BUNCH of dobro by Jerry Douglas, Randy Kohrs, and Rob Ickes, along with a stellar cast of other musicians. You can check it out at Melonie

Jerry Douglas and Grants Corner

Jerry Douglas is supposed to have recorded a song titled Grants Corner. I can't find it listed on any of his albums. It is possible that it is on a J. D. Crowe album but I can't find it there either. My instructor wants me to learn this song off the CD but he no longer has it. Anyone know what album its on. TIA

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