Jerry Douglas

Jerry Douglas: "King Silkie" in the Recording Studio


Just when I think I've seen every video of Jerry Douglas that exists online, I discover another one. This is a professionally made video which seems to accompany the EPK that Jerry released last year promoting his latest CD, Traveler.  It was shot in the studio when Jerry and the boys were recording "King Silkie," a fast moving bluegrass number.   Good closeups of The Flaming Hand. 

I don't know if there is a way to upload a video from Vimeo here, at least I can't figure it out, and I could not find this one on YouTube. 

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AKUS Featuring Jerry Douglas with Vince Gill

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Everything about this is perfect.


Jerry & Alison at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass: "And Now For Something Completely Different"

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It was a three day weekend of many highlights at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass #13 two weeks ago in Golden Gate Park, and one of the highest of the highs was when Alison Krauss joined Jerry Douglas and band to sing four songs in what was some sweltering heat for San Francisco at the Banjo Stage, where we were set up on Friday and Saturday from 9 in the morning in full sun until we started getting some shade from the tall eucalyptus trees behind us at around 5 p.m.

Jerry gave us a couple of very obscure hints as to a Big Surprise during his set in weeks prior on the JDBB, and I have to say I was totally suprised when out walked Alison, since I was under the impression she was on the "disabled list" from her recent bout with some form of dysphonia affecting her vocal chords. It must have been the short version from which she had been ailing, because she didn't hold anything back.

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JD not at Resosummit 2013?

Did anyone hear anything about Jerry Douglas canceling his appearance at Reso Summit? I saw he had a one man show in Sellersville PA on Nov 14 and I was thinking of going so I looked at my calendar and saw it was the first day of the summit. The Reso Summit web site says Rob and JD at the station inn at 8pm and JD's site has him in Sellersville at 8pm. 

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