Jerry Douglas

JD not at Resosummit 2013?

Did anyone hear anything about Jerry Douglas canceling his appearance at Reso Summit? I saw he had a one man show in Sellersville PA on Nov 14 and I was thinking of going so I looked at my calendar and saw it was the first day of the summit. The Reso Summit web site says Rob and JD at the station inn at 8pm and JD's site has him in Sellersville at 8pm. 

For a limited time, the Jerry Douglas Band at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass streaming video online

Select Saturday, then the Banjo Stage, then select the second concert in the block (it should say "Jerry Douglas Band"). A very nice set with surprise guest Allison Krauss.

This is only available as a stream for a very limited time.

Jerry Douglas Playing New Beard Model 27 at IBMA 2013

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Here's a video of Jerry playing Foggy Mountain Rock on the new Beard Model 27 Tut Taylor model (do I have all that correct?) while Tut looks on at IBMA 2013 in Raleigh. Sound quality isn't the greatest in this video, and of course there's a lot of crowd noise, but the guitar sure is a beauty. No doubt some of our members played this guitar, what were your impressions? 

I think it's cool that Jerry has been going back to his old Dobros lately  and enjoying the sound, and he's had his pre-wars guitars hot-rodded with the Legend cone. He was pretty stoked about having his wife Jill score on ebay awhile back a pristine pre-war Model 27 that looked like it's been the case for about 70 years. 

Who's the kid chopping the rhythm on the Blackbeard? Talk about being on the hot seat!

TAS 6 Halloween Rehearsal

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Awesome new clip from series 6.

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