Josh Graves

Josh Graves out of print album

Great sounding LP but alas not on CD that I know of and a bit difficult to find.

I am hoping to find someone with this album on Vetco that Josh Graves recorded w Bobby Smith and the Boys from Shiloh. Gold Rush, Road to Aspen, and other tunes on the LP.

I'm currently living in the UK now and my bluegrass prescription is running low.


List of bluesey reso/lapstyle/weissenborn players

Can ya'll help me to expand my list of reso/lapstyle/weissenborn players who play the blues or whose licks/sound might be characterized (at least some of the time) as bluesey?

Here's what I've got so far:

1. Kelly Joe Phelps
2. The Black Ace
3. Oscar "Buddy" Woods
4. Lou Wamp
5. Orville Johnson
6. Rob Ickes

Who else?



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