Josh Swift

Josh Swift album?

Does anyone know if Josh Swift has any solo albums?


Hi everybody. not a real "discussion" thread. It's just that once in a lifetime I can see and meet a dobro player here in my Country, and in between 9 hours I will go and see Josh Swift playing with Doyle Lawson and his Band, so hopefully I can spend some time with him later on. This is a unique moment for me this year, so I am so happy that I wanted to tell you Smile

Well, yes, you would probably think "what about Doyle Lawson?" . Yes sure, this thread should be intitled to both, as I will see this wonderful legend of bluegrass music too, but as we are on reso-site, lets talk about Josh for a moment  :-)

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Josh Swift with Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver- Pike County Breakdown

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Holy crap!Laughing

Josh Swift

Just saw some nice Josh Swift Dobro playing with Doyle Lawson on Reno's Old Time music festival on RFD TV. Looks like he was playing a Meredith.

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