Lou Wamp

Lou Wamp

Today I had the most enjoyable of visits from Lou and Lynn Wamp along with their son Daniel.  I must  say he is a very,very talented Resoist who played songs from his last CD "RESOLUTION" upon request without hesitation for 30-45 minutes non-stop.  It was a most enjoyable experience for me to just sit down and talk with such a wonderful family.  Thanks Lou, Lynn and Daniel   

3 Sisters Festival Chatanooga,Tn. this weekend

Anyone  going to 3 Sisters this weekend.  I am leaving sometime Friday P.M. after the boss gets home.  Man, Lou Wamp, Justin Moses just to mention a couple monster reso pickers.  I will be at Campground in Trenton, Ga. and commute to river area in beat up Jeep red in color with Reson8r plates.  

Bluetastic Fangrass Choctaw Hayride Lou Wamp monster picker


Here is super picker Lou Wamp and band doing one of my favorites to pick thanks to Preston T.  Hope to see them at Three Sisters in Chatanooga next month.  If you all dont have CD Resolution by Lou make sure you get it. 

Hymnal Tab

I have been listening to Lou Wamp's cd "Resolution" and and his "Hymnal" always gets stuck in my head.  Has anyone ever written out the tabs for this beautiful melody?  How about "Audrey's Last Dive"? also on the same great cd?  Thanks,


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