Lou Wamp


I got my email from rob about the upcomming summit,, cant wait,, I am bumming that Mike Auldridge and Andy Hall wont be there this year! Mike is my Reso idle and was the highlight of my summit last year, will miss his humor, and andy was a Great teacher,, I am looking forward to curtis burch, lou wamp,(killer player)  megan lovell and orville,, and all the other teachers,,,

only a few months,,,



2009 IBMA Ballots

 To all IBMA members, the ballots for this year’s awards will be mailed later this month, when voting  please  vote for “Hornography” for “Recorded event of the year” and “Instrumental Album of the year. The recording features various instruments built by Tim Scheerhorn and played by the following, Tim Scheerhorn, Randy Kohrs, Rob Ickes, Jimmy Ross, Justin Moses, Andy Hall, Mike Witcher, Lee Hiers, Todd Livingston, Lou Wamp, Sally Van Meter, Jack Ferguson, Billy Cardine, Scott Vestal, Bruce Bouton, Kevin Gaugier,  Shannon Hayes & Billy Cardine. And with an all star supporting cast.


Thanks, Jimmy.....................




Lou Wamp at Townsend Tennessee Festival

I had the pleasure of hearing Lou and his wife, Lynn play with "Special Delivery" at the Townsend Festival yesterday.  I talked with them for a long time after the performance and they are really nice people.  They are supposed to be performing again tonight around 6;20.  The weather here is wet, so it could be pretty iffy.  Lou and his "horn" are a rare pleasure to hear.


I got some Hornography!

I just got home and it was here!

Currently on the second track. It is simply IMMENSE!

Thank you Randy, Tim and everyone who plays on this and was involved in production.


Liam from Wales, feeling inspired!


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