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From The Bluegrass Blog:

Randy Kohrs’ record label, Left of Center Records, is soon to release a new resophonic guitar CD entitled, Hornography.


Hornography serves as a tribute to resophonic guitar luthier, Tim Scheerhorn. Kohrs is joined on the CD by an all star line up of Scheerhorn players.

The CD was recorded at Kohrs’ award winning studio, Slack Key Studio. Each track was produced by the featured musician, each of whom brought their own band to project. Spanning multiple genres, including classical, blues, jazz, and bluegrass, the CD is primarly instrumental (Kohrs contributes the only two vocal cuts) and revolves around instruments build the luthier whose name the project adopts.

Track 1 on the CD is Rob Ickes performing the Monroe classic, Wheel Hoss. Musicians on this cut include: Dave Pomeroy, Ron Block, Andy Leftwich, Adam Steffey, and Aaron McDaris.

Randy tells us the CD will be released before Christmas, and that he will have 200 advance copies available at the upcoming ResoSummit in mid-November.

Players featured on the CD are:

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Scheerhorn Guitar recording

OK now that it's under way, I'm working with Tim Scheerhorn & Randy Kohrs on a recording about Tim , his guitars & the effect it's had on the reso world. The proposed players are Tim Scheerhorn, Randy Kohrs, Rob Ickes, Andy Hall, Sally Van Meter, Lou Wamp, Justin Moses, Billy Cardine, Mike Witcher, Bruce Boughton, Jimmie Stewart & me. Only Scheerhorn instruments will be used, his reso-guitars, lap steel, the one banjo & the one flat top.Five or six cuts are being worked on now with the rest after the holidays. The players were told to bring any type tune they want, nothing barred.

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List of bluesey reso/lapstyle/weissenborn players

Can ya'll help me to expand my list of reso/lapstyle/weissenborn players who play the blues or whose licks/sound might be characterized (at least some of the time) as bluesey?

Here's what I've got so far:

1. Kelly Joe Phelps
2. The Black Ace
3. Oscar "Buddy" Woods
4. Lou Wamp
5. Orville Johnson
6. Rob Ickes

Who else?



a few cd recommendations: biscuit burners, orville J, etc.

a few discs that are a bit off the radar but really worthwhile....

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