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Bea Brackin (age 17) wins ResoSummit's Houston Caldwell Scholarship

This afternoon, at HoustonFest in Galax, VA, Rob Ickes announced that Bea Brackin (age 17) of Dalton, GA is the first recipient of the Houston Caldwell Scholarship for ResoSummit.

Bea submitted videos playing ResoFandango (Megan Lovell's track on the Tut Taylor tribute album, Southern Filibuster) and Flatt Lonesome in support of her application.  Her father says that Bea became interested in the dobro when Megan Lovell played dobro for a recording session of his about a year and a half ago, but he rejected Bea's request for a dobro, thinking it was just a passing fad.

Bea then sold a flute on eBay, and used the proceeds to buy a dobro she found in a pawn shop.  After teaching herself for some time, her dad took her interest more seriously and arranged for several months of lessons with Megan, until she moved out of the area.

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Mike WItcher in NC This Weekend

Hi Folks,

     Sorry this is so last minute,  but I thought I would tell you about a couple of shows I am playing this weekend.  Here's the info.


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"Hornography" review @ "Bluegrass Journal" web site

Oh well you can't please everyone, and why would anyone compare it to Mike's first album?

But check it out; http://www.bluegrassjournal.com/2009/05/18/hornography-salutes-guitar-ma...

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